Services we offer

Prepared to help you with your every need.

Prepared to help you with your every need.

Grey Beards LTD

•    Helping mining companies to improve their bottom line.

•    Assisting financial institutions in understanding risk and market trends

•    Strategic planning and project optimization

•    Seasoned mining professionals available for short and long term assignments. 

•    Experience around the world in base metals, precious metals, coal, and industrial minerals 

•    60 to 70 consultants available with international experience.

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Advisory services

·       Educating investors in risks and typical business models

·       Company and project evaluation

·       Due diligence

·       Desk top studies

·       Project evaluations

·       Market reviews

·       Business development

Technical audits, studies and reviews

·       Site visits

·       Reviews of mine plans; phase designs; and related optimizations

·       Resource/reserve/ reconciliation development, audits and reviews

·       Cutoff grade calculations

·       Project de-risking

·       Scoping level studies


Operational Management, Reviews and Audits

·       Safety program development, coaching, mentoring

·       Short term vacation management

·       Junior staff mentoring and training

·       Open Pit

o   Lerchs Grossman

o   Phase/pushback design and selection

o   Mine schedules

o   Cutoff grade calculations

o   Stockpile and blending

o   Geo-met model and blending

·       Underground

o   Grade tonnage curves

o   Mine design

o   Scheduling

o   Variable cutoff grade

o   Margin analysis

·       OPEX and CAPEX development and review

·       Mobile and fixed plant maintenance system reviews and audits of MARC

·       Risk management

·       Project management

·       Budgeting

·       Project Planning & Costing

·       Training & Mentoring